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CanNet's Cable Internet Plan is completely unlimited; download and transfer as much data as possible without worry about overage charges or limitations.

CanNet delivers future technology with high-speed Fibre Internet, using fibre optical wires made of glass fibre which sends information at the speed of light and is resistant to heat and cold, which assures uninterrupted internet at all times.
FTTB – Fibre-to-the-Building; Connect your building directly with Fibre Internet and forget using slow internet forever. We tailor plans to provide you with the fastest internet offers at a very affordable price.

We will honour the discounted rate for the first 2 years; from the 3rd year onward standard rates will apply and are liable to change due to market fluctuations.


1. Download speed up to 1000Mbps; Upload speed up to 100 Mbps***
2. Unlimited Usage
3. Price Guarantee for 2 years, afterwards the price will be $39.98 plus taxes
4. No Contract
5. No Service Deposit
6. Extended Warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but the processing fee won’t be refunded**
7. Wired Device (GPON Fibre Modem) Rental Fee - $0 (Original Price $9.98)
8. Wired Device (Wired Modem) Rental Fee - $5 (Original Price $9.98)
9. Processing Fee includes Shipping Fee of $59.95 (Original Price $99.95)**
10. No Credit Check
11. If an AC Mesh M2 Wi-Fi Router is needed, additional rental fee of $5/m plus taxes
12. All wired and wireless cable modems on rental basis must be returned within 14 days upon cancellation at own cost
a. ** Processing fee will not be refunded
b. *** Service or speed availability may vary as per your address, our team will notify you.
c. Offer is only valid for a Limited Period of Time
d. The Promotion is only available for New Customers Only (Never had any service from CanNet before). Call our support line for other similar OFFERS and PLANS
e. Internet Service is only available where the access and technology is permitted
f. Maximum speed is not guaranteed – Actual speeds experienced may vary due to many technical factors. Speed over Wi-Fi might vary based on the wireless interference and distance from the router
g. Fibre Internet Services includes a private IP address and is for residential use only.
h. Hosting a web server or any other commercial service is not allowed, otherwise the service will be disconnected without any prior notice.
i. CanNet Telecom solely reserves the right to change the terms & conditions for the offer at any time without any prior notice.

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