Monday, 22 April 2019

Which is the Fastest Cable Internet Plan in Ontario?

Step into the future of cable internet with CanNet Telecom Inc. Experience the fastest Cable internet speed on our existing network across Canada.

CanNet Telecom Inc offers you with high-speed internet that will transform your daily internet experience with super-fast data speed. The unique combination of this Cable technology allows you to enjoy the internet download a speed of up to 150 Mbps, which means faster, downloads and less buffering.

This technology will provide you with fully-dedicated cable internet plans which can be connected to daily needs like, HD video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads will be faster than ever, whether you are a video lover, serious gamer or someone who simply loves to surf the net.

CanNet Telecom internet will keep you connected with an incomparable experience so you can access information, entertainment and more without compromises.

The Best Offer for Ontario Rogers area is 150M promotion. Choose from the 150M Plan and read the TOS below:
  • High Speed Internet; download speed upto 150M, upload speed upto 10M
  • Monthly pay, first year $49.98/m afterwards $59.98/m
  • 30 Days Warranty but Processing fee of $39.90 will not be refunded only monthly fee ($49.98).
  • No term.
  • No Credit Check.
  • No Service Deposit.
  • This plan for new customers only
  • Wired Modem Rental $0 (Original rental fee $4.98)
  • Modem Rental $0 (Refurbish CGN3) (original rental fee $9.95).
  • Processing fee $39.90 (original PF fee $99.95).
  • Shipping & Handling fee $0.

Hardware needs to be returned upon cancellation with original package, otherwise, hardware purchase fee will be applied & cx has to return the device at own cost.

If any Existing customer wants to upgrade need to pay upgrading Fee as $65. 

Call at 416-800-2323 to place order and avail for the discounts.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Which Internet Service Provider Offer the best 75M Cable Internet in Ontario?

When it comes to affordable internet it has always been CanNet selling point. Whatever the competition charges, they will come up with a plan that is just slightly cheaper.

Considering that most of our lives are conducted online now, a high speed internet arguably improves our nasty, short and brutish lives.

As a relatively 75M cable internet Plan in Ontario, but we have made a name for them very quickly. With fast, reliable and competitive cable promotions, deals you can compare and apply for all CanNet deals.

Its 12 months plan costs $29.98 per month, 2nd Price $34.98 per month, afterwards $49.98 plus taxes per month, which is the cheapest in the market. You get:
  • Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps  with Unlimited usage
  • Extended warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but **processing fee will not be refunded and No contract
  • Wireless device*** (Refurbish CGN3) Rental :- $0 (Original price $9.98)
  • Processing fee includes shipping fee $39.90 (original $99.95)**
  • No Credit Check and Purchase Option :- $99 (Refurbish CGN3) + taxes

It’s basically marketed as a no frills cable unlimited internet plan, so there’s nothing much to shout about unless you just want.

Good for: People who prefer the most no-frills, cheapest option.

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Monday, 8 April 2019

What’s the Best Internet for Streaming?

Experience the internet in a completely different way with our all-new super fast internet. Now our cable internet packages offer you even more download and upload speeds to choose from.

CanNet regularly rates how fast popular Canadian broadband providers perform in its streaming speed tests. We frequently rank as the best provider for internet services has improved in recent times.

We recommend download speed up to 75M and upload 10M for standard streaming and much faster for HD streaming.

HD streaming requires much more bandwidth and a higher download speed.
Luckily, most cable internet plans can feasibly cover this requirement.


Discover our great value Cable 75M internet packages and save a lot.

Our packages bring you best offer with many benefits with affordable prices.

While we recommend that you first check out our better-value-for-money home services plans, you can still opt for cable internet plans.

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Enjoy Your Time with Cool unlimited internet Offers

Stay connected everywhere in Canada with high speed 75M connection and unlimited internet!
CanNet Telecom offers high-speed Internet access for less than $30 a month! Whether you need the Internet for you, your family, there is an exclusive 75M Cable internet package which is perfect for you. CanNet Telecom also offers additional features for home network for accessing.

Features of Exclusive 75M Cable Internet Offer in Ontario
  • Download : up to 75 Mbps ; Upload : up to 10 Mbps. (Maximum speed, expressed in megabits per second.)
  • Unlimited usage
  • 2 years price guarantee
  • No contract
  • Service Deposit :- $30* (which will be hold without interests till cancellation).
  • Extended warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but **processing fee will not be refunded.
  • Wireless device*** (Refurbish CGN3) Rental :- $0 (Original price $9.98)
  • Processing fee includes shipping fee $39.90 (original $99.95)**
  • No Credit Check.
  • Purchase Option :- $99 (Refurbish CGN3) + taxes

See the More Details below:-

1st Year Monthly price $29.98, 2nd Year Monthly Price $34.98, afterwards $49.98 plus taxes
All wired and wireless cable modem on rental must be returned with 14 days upon cancellation at own cost.

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