Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Why Cable 75M Internet Plan is best for Canadian Users?

CanNet Telecom Inc is answer to expensive Internet Plans in Canada. CanNet Telecom offers easy and affordable cable internet connections as compare to other ISP's

Enjoy savings of up as compared to other ISP’s charged by other carriers. You’ll never get caught by overage charges or hidden fees.

To boost your internet speed at home, just buy Cable 75M Internet Plan to avoid weak signals connectivity at home. This Plan will not only speed up your internet speed per say but most people but the connectivity will improve across homes and this device will solve that problem.

There are so many internet cable internet plans in Canada. A lot of them are really popular with the avid Internet users in the country. 
If you want to know some of the most acclaimed and popular Cable internet Plans. Check out below :
  • Unlimited plans by the Monthly Basis
  • Long-term plans for No contracts or overage fees
  • No hassles, extra fees, contracts, or credit checks.
  • Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps
  • Unlimited usage
  • Extended warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but **processing fee will not be refunded.
  • Wireless device*** (Refurbish CGN3) Rental :- $0 (Original price $9.98)
  • Processing fee includes shipping fee $39.90 (original $99.95)**
  • Purchase Option :- $99 (Refurbish CGN3) + taxes

  • 1st Year Monthly price $29.98, 2nd Year Monthly Price $34.98, afterwards $49.98 plus taxes
  • All wired and wireless cable modem on rental must be returned with 14 days upon cancellation at own cost.


Above promotion is only available for New customers (never had any service from Cannet) & It is the limited time offer.

Internet service available only where access and technology permits. Maximum speed is not guaranteed:-Actual speeds experienced may vary due to many technical factors.

** Processing fee will not be refunded.

***Wireless device (CGN3) no need to return after 2 years.

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Things to do on the Internet besides Social Media.

Internet is a deep sea full of information and knowledge one may ever need in their life. Everyone is online doing one thing and another and social media is a big part of the internet where people come together to socialize with each other while being in two separate corners of the world. 
After the boom of Internet and social media, people are stuck to their devices surfing through the social media and taking pictures to post online all the time, but besides social media what else people do on the internet? Some would say watch movies and drama from the websites like Netflix or Zulu or playing games online.