Monday, 15 October 2018

Enjoy big saving and Speeds up to 150 Mbps starting from $49.98/mo.

Do what you want now that you have the speed to stream and upload to the cloud. Plus, get a guaranteed price for 2 years

High speeds, higher value, and absolutely unlimited bandwidth. Get better value for your internet, at speeds that fit your needs.

CanNet Telecom presents new plans for residents in Ontario Rogers service area. If you are looking for affordable, reliable and high speed unlimited internet, switch to CanNet.


1. Download speed up to 150 Mbps; Upload speed up to 15 Mbps
2. Unlimited usage
3. 2 years price guarantee*
4. No contract
5. Extended warranty – 10 days full refund
6. Wireless device (Refurbish CGN3)**
7. Processing fee includes shipping fee $29.95 (Original $99.95)
8. Device Option:- Rental**.
9. Credit Check Required if fail need the $100 service deposit.


Monthly $49.98 for two years, after $59.98 plus taxes

Wireless modem additional charges $5 will be applied ($100 hardware deposit may be required on selective modems)

Upon cancellation need to return the device in the case of Rental option.

To decide if can waive security deposit or not, Customer needs to authorize Can-net to conduct credit check when customer is ordering service from Can-net. Based on the credit history, Can-net has sole decision to determine if any security deposit required or not for monthly service and/or hardware.


If existing cannet customer want to switch, Needs to pay $90 conversion fee (Non Refundable) + $100 deposit (which will be hold without interests till cancellation) & No credit check along with the terms of the above plan.

Monday, 8 October 2018

CanNet Unlimited One Stop Offer for 1 year at $24.98/m on Remembrance Day

CanNet Telecom Inc offers several internet plans have been created for users to provide high speed, internet access that is low-income.We Remember our customers need and on this remembrance Day we have again have something special for our Customers

CanNet has introduced its unlimited cable phone plans, which eliminates excess data charges for good. You will receive 75M/10M unlimited plan at $24.98/m for 1 year.

People are hungry for more data, calls and texts, and all round better value. Find the plan that offers the best bang for the buck. Here are the best cable internet plans.

Here is one-stop offer for all, what CanNet is offering at Low price  till 11th Nov


1. Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps
2. Unlimited usage
3. 1 years price guarantee*
4. No contract
5. Extended warranty – 30 days full refund
6. Wireless device (Refurbish CGN3) Rental** :- $0
7. Processing fee includes shipping fee $29.95 (Original $99.95)***
8. No Credit Check


  • Monthly $24.98 for one years, after $34.98 plus taxes
  • BYOD Option is also available but have to pay the Processing fee :- $29.95 (Tax)
  • All wired and wireless cable modem on rental must be returned with 14 days upon cancellation.


Above promotion is only available for New customers (never had any service from Cannet) & It is the limited time offer.

Internet service available only where access and technology permits. Maximum speed is not guaranteed:-Actual speeds experienced may vary due to many technical factors.

***For customers who transfer from Carrytel to Cannet, the processing fee $29.95 will be credit back after 12 months in 3 separate months. Current Carrytel bill is required to submit to obtain this offer.

For more information visit -

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Things we can be Thankful for in Canada -Thanks Giving Day

We at CanNet thought it would be interesting to create a list of things we can be thankful for in Canada, but often we take these things for granted. Some of you will realize that in other parts of the world people are less privileged and would give an arm and a leg to for the privileges we have here in Canada.

Canadian Health Care

Canadian Health Care is affordable and everyone who is living here has a right to health care without breaking the bank.  You can take a look at our neighbors in the south who don't have access to universal healthcare and it is just heartbreaking when people go into financial ruin because of healthcare.

Changing of the seasons
Unlike other places you get to experience the wondrous changing of the seasons. The transition from a hot summer to a beautiful autumn season where you can see the leaves turn color is a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Since Canada is land of immigrants we get to experience and share so many different cultural experiences among us. It is amazing to see people from different backgrounds celebrate thanksgiving and other festivities together. It is a joy to learn from different cultures.


We should be thankful for all the food that is abundantly available for us in Canada. Nobody should starve or should not be able to afford enough good nutritious food. 


Yes, often we complain about the different types of coffee we have over here. But the ease and access to the huge amounts of coffee in this country is so amazing that people never stand still to think about this. For the coffee drinkers, don't you love the cup of a fresh brew in the morning?

Family and Friends

I am sure everyone should be thankful for the people who are important in their lives. Without them we would not be where we are, right now. Spend some quality time together.


Okay, fair is fair, not everyone loves shopping, but here in Canada there are many shopping malls and plazas where you can spend the whole day shopping. Or if you don't like to leave your home you can get a lot of shopping done online.

Affordable high-speed internet

Sure, internet from Rogers or Bell can be very expensive. That's why internet service providers such as CanNet exist to disrupt the big grip the big boys have on the market. Our mission is to provide affordable high-speed unlimited internet to people in Canada. For thanksgiving we have a really good plan for people living in Rogers service area in Ontario.

75M Cable Unlimited Internet ONLY $24.98 monthly.

•    75Mbps Download speeds
•    10Mbps Upload Speeds
•    Unlimited usage, with no restrictions
•    First year $24.98/m; after $34.98/m
•    No contract
•    No Credit Check
•    Wi-Fi Modem included
•    Processing fee with shipping fee included $29.95*

Sign up on our promotion page at:
or call one of our service representatives at +1-416-800-2323. 

Happy Thanksgiving from team CanNet!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Stream Big with Unlimited Cable Internet offer at $24.98/m for 1 Year, Limited Time Left

Gear up for last Moment CanNet 75M Exclusive Offer for Rogers Area  for  low as $24.98/m for 1 year.

Get your Cable Internet Plan Today!

Sign up today and take advantage of our great offer on 75M Internet packages. Whether you want to chat with friends across the street or family across the globe!

Share in all Your Favorite Places

Higher download speeds and better data plans let you update and share your life online, stay connected worry free.

Create History as it is in Your Hands

Upload, preserve and share more of your video memories to record your place in digital history using unlimited internet plans

Now Photo Stream and Scream

You're a rock star as you show off your paparazzi pics and videos to the world, instantly with high quality streaming.

All these things can be possible by unlimited offers we are giving only this week till 30th Sep’18. To Order Online Please visit the Promotional Offer Link -

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Limited Time CanNet Autumn Promotion

Autumn is upon us and many Canadians are looking for the best internet deals. You want reliable internet services for a great price. Look no further, because CanNet offers affordable internet to people living in Canada. For fall we have created a mesmerizing promotion.

75M Cable Unlimited Internet ONLY $24.98 monthly for people living in Rogers service area

Features of our Autumn promotion:

•    75Mbps Download speeds
•    10Mbps Upload Speeds
•    Unlimited usage, with no restrictions
•    First year $24.98/m; after $34.98/m
•    No contract
•    No Credit Check
•    Wi-Fi Modem included
•    Processing fee with shipping fee included $29.95*
•    30 Days Extended guarantee**
•    BYOD option available***

Our plans always come with unlimited usage and no restrictions. We don't want to frustrate people when they are binge watching their favorite shows or downloading some big video games. Since we do not restrict anything there is no reason to worry about overages or extra charges or any restrictions.

This plan comes with no contract, so if for any reason you want to cancel your plan, you can do that any time. Some people might remember our other promotions and they have credit checks but this special plan has no credit check. Anybody with any type of credit score can sign up. All you have to do is pay a processing fee of 29.95, which includes the shipping fee as well.

 *For customers who transfer from Carrytel to Cannet, the processing fee $29.95 will be credited back after 12 months in 3 separate months. Your current Carrytel bill is required for submission to obtain this credit.

**30  days extended guarantee; processing fee of $29.95 non-refundable

***In case of BYOD option, we still need to charge $29.95 processing fee

Promotion expiry date: September 30th, 2018.

Hurry up and sign up on our promotion page:
or call one of our service representatives at +1-416-800-2323.

Also, check out our other internet plans on our website: