Monday, 13 January 2020

High-speed unlimited internet plans starting from $34.98/m

Enjoy Winter Savings with CanNet's High-Speed Unlimited internet plans starting from $34.98 monthly. We know that after the winter holidays most people in Canada are looking to save up for summer vacations, renovations or maintenance on their homes or just saving in general. That's why CanNet has high-speed unlimited internet plans that help you save on your monthly expenses.

Groceries are up for 2020. Insurance rates are up and rent has increased as well. Gas prices are up and there seems to be no end to an everlasting price increase to basic needs in Canada. Sometimes it feels like you are being taken advantage of and now the big telecom companies have announced price increases for their internet plans. Rogers and Bell have increased their monthly internet prices with at least $4 or $5 every month for all of their customers. Soon, Telus and Shaw will probably follow.

Despite price increases in the wholesale rates we have decided not to raise the prices for our current customers. We feel that is not fair to you as a consumer and we value you as our customer. Our mission is still to provide high-speed internet plans at affordable rates.
That is why new customers can subscribe to our high-speed unlimited internet plans starting from  $34.98 per month.
All of our plans come with no contract and you can cancel any time you want. 

All our prices come most of the time with a 2 years price guarantee, in which we will never raise the prices for you.
Most of our internet plans come with free hardware rental, you only have to return the devices when you cancel our internet services.
Don't wait any longer and get this offer now, check out our website for more plans.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Seven things we love about the holidays


 “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what it is to say why we love Christmas Day.”
It’s the best time of the year, it’s time to make some warm memories with family, share gifts while listening to Christmas carols, and end the day by watching Home Alone. We all are waiting for December to enjoy the festive season and all the good things it brings.

Even though many of us are not very fond of the winter, the Holidays are worth all the snow and freezing temperature. Nothing is better than a white Christmas, where you enjoy the weather from inside your home while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa sitting beside the fireplace.
There are so many things about the holiday period that we love, so we are listing out seven things about the Christmas holidays we all love and why is it worth the wait and the winter:

1.    Festive Decoration 
The entire city is bathed with illuminations, Christmas lights and looks like a beautiful wonderland. Every house has put up a Christmas tree and is decorating it right after the December starts; like the festive season has now begun.

2.     Time to exchange gifts
 Christmas without gifts? We all love gifts and Christmas brings an opportunity to offer special and meaningful gifts to all your friends and family is one of the priceless joys of Christmas and not to forget all the gifts you will be receiving in return. Christmas is incomplete without gifts at least for us.

3.     Family time at home 
Christmas means holiday time; no work and no school. You are home and so is your whole family, and what better way to celebrate the Holidays than with family by enjoying the dinner together, play games and have fun. Christmas is special because you spend it with your loved ones doing things you love and enjoy.

4.     Food 
It's the holidays and you are home while it’s snowing outside, and you are making smores, your mom baked you some nice gingerbread and you had turkey for your dinner. Thank God!! Christmas is right before New Year, we can always save the weight control for New Year’s resolutions!!

5.      Christmas Movies/Music
– Every grocery store and department store is playing Christmas songs all December and we even tune to the Christmas radio every time we are driving. Similarly, no matter how many times we have watched them, we watch our favourite Christmas movies on Christmas Eve night again every year. Few of our favourite Christmas movies that we recommend are Home Alone, Elf, Christmas Story or The Polar Express every year, what are yours?

6.      Christmas Markets
The festive season begins with the start of December and so does the Christmas markets. Admit it, the best poutine you would ever have was in winter at your local Christmas market while you enjoy all the beautiful illuminations and live concerts and performances. Christmas markets give us all an opportunity to go out and walk around and enjoy the seasonal food, the festive activities while you also buy a few gifts.

7.     Christmas Parties 
It’s no secret that we all love parties and Christmas brings the opportunity for a lot of them. One with college friends, one with school friends, one with family and one with your office friends, phew… that’s a lot of parties in one month. Also, it’s the time of the year where you get to enjoy a nice dinner with your co-workers and boss at your annual office party because why not, it’s Christmas.

We have a lot more things we like about Christmas and they are countless, but long story short, that is exactly why we all love Christmas and wait for it. And now that it’s finally here; enjoy it wholeheartedly with your friends and family.

CanNet wishes everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

CanNet Unlimited 150M Cable internet for $39.98/m with no contract

For the month December we have decided to dish out a fiery hot promotion for people living in Ontario, 150M Unlimited Cable Internet plan. Please keep in mind that this promotion is strictly for anyone living within a Rogers serviceable region. Don't miss out on this offer as it is your last chance to sign-up.

The promotion is currently being offered at the amazing price of $39.98/month; this promotional price is guaranteed for 2 year of service. Throughout this article we will cover the features of the promotion as well as all of the basic details. Sign up now before the offer ends!

Sign up for Installation
  • Installation by a Rogers technician
  • Shipping of your modem via Canada Post
  • One-time activation fee $59.95*(which includes the shipping fee as well)
  • We use Canada Post as our primary vendor for all our shipping needs.
  • Once your order is confirmed our shipping department will prepare your equipment.
  • Once sent it will take approximately 24-48 hours for arrival; depending on where you are situated in Ontario.
  • The modem will arrive before installation; do not be alarmed.
  • When the item is shipped you will be mailed a tracking number.
Promotional Features
  • Download speed: up to 150Mbps; Upload speed 15Mbps
  • Completely unlimited usage; no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions
  • Promotional price of $39.98/m is guaranteed for 2 years of service, afterwards $49.98/m
  • There is no contract, you can cancel any time
  • Wi-Fi Modem included
  • ONLY for customers living within a Rogers serviceable region; check with agent for eligibility:
Surf with Freedom!
We offer completely unlimited services with no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions whatsoever. For all new sign-ups we also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee* to any customer who is dissatisfied. Our modems also include a lifetime warranty, as long as they are not physically damaged.

We have been a registered member of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission) since our inception and have always followed their rules and guidelines regarding ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Practices). We just want to reiterate that we do not throttle or implement or restrict internet speeds at all.
Start Saving Today!

If you are interested in signing up for the above mentioned promotion, there are three avenues you may choose at your convenience:

  1. Call a live CanNet representative: +1-(416)-800-2323
  2. Call a sponsored CanNet Agent (Modem Outlet): +1-(800)-880-1234
  3. Sign up online using the provided promotional link:

* Processing/activation fee will not be refunded in our 30 day money back guarantee.

Monday, 5 August 2019

FTTB Internet Promotion Plan Mississauga at $29.98/month!

CanNet Telecom is proud to announce the launch of extremely attractive new FTTB promotion, which gives our customers 1000M Unlimited Internet capacity for the unbelievably low price of $29.98/month; guaranteed for the first full year of service.

We have always prided ourselves on providing an elite internet service at a price every Canadian can afford, which was the incentive for our new High-Speed Promotion.

CanNet Telecom presents our new ultra fast FTTB Internet Promotion Plan . If you are looking for affordable, reliable and high-speed unlimited internet, switch to CanNet.


1. Download speed up to 1000 Mbps; Upload speed up to 1000 Mbps.
2. Unlimited usage.
3. 2 years price guarantee.
4. No contract.
5. No Service Deposit.
6. Extended warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but **processing fee will not be refunded.
7. Wired device (GPON Fibre Modem) Rental :- $0 (Original price $9.98)
8. Processing fee includes shipping fee $69.95 (original $99.95)**
9. No Credit Check.
10. If you need an AC Mesh M2 Wi-Fi Router, additional rental fee $5/month + tax


2 Year monthly price $29.98, afterwards $39.98 monthly plus taxes
All wired and wireless cable modem on rental must be returned with 14 days upon cancellation at own cost.


** Processing fee will not be refunded.

Offer is valid for limited period.

Above promotion is only available for New customers (never had any service from Cannet) for selected buildings in GTA or Call our support line for other OFFERS and SPEED.

Internet service available only where access and technology permits. Maximum speed is not guaranteed:-Actual speeds experienced may vary due to many technical factors.

FTTB Internet Service includes a private IP and is for normal residential use only.

Hosting a web server or any other commercial service is not allowed, otherwise service will be disconnected without notice.

Cannettel Solely reserves the right to change offer terms at any time without prior notice to the customer.

Start Saving Today!

If you are interested in signing up for the aforementioned promotion, there are three avenues you may choose at your convenience:

1.    Call a live Can-Net representative: +1-(416)-800-2323
2.    Call a sponsored Can-Net Agent (Modem Outlet): 1-(800)-880-1234

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Signup for Unlimited high speed from 60M to 75M only 29.98$ for 2 years

CanNet Telecom is offering awesome promotional packages which are currently being catered to different service regions

We will also touch lightly on our new mandatory credit check/deposit policy, as well as cover some of the FAQ regarding modem options.

•    ALL ONTARIO Residents Attention if you are looking for stable unlimited HIGH internet for longer term price: 

•    Order online Unlimited high speed from 60M to 75M only at 29.98$ for 2 years, no contract, no hidden free.

•    Depends on the service availability, we may offer download speed from 60M to 75M internet in Canada

Here are some of the features of the promotion 

1. 60M Cable  Internet-  (Ontario Cogeco service area) - Download speed up to 60 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps,2 years price guarantee, No Service Deposit,. Wired device Rental: - $0

Order Link -

2. 75M Cable Internet –(Ontario Shaw service area)- Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 7.5 Mbps, Unlimited usage,. Extended warranty – 30 days full refund of monthly invoice, but **processing fee will not be refunded

Order Link-

3. 75M Cable Internet-(Ontario Rogers service area)- Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps. No Credit Check., Wireless device (Refurbish CGN3) Rental :- $0 (Original price $9.98)

Order Link - 

Sign Up Process

If you are interested in signing up for the aforementioned promotion, or would just like further information please contact a live Can-Net representative at: - 4168002323 or +1.800.208.7798. You can also visit their website at  Hope you enjoy!