Monday, 13 January 2020

High-speed unlimited internet plans starting from $34.98/m

Enjoy Winter Savings with CanNet's High-Speed Unlimited internet plans starting from $34.98 monthly. We know that after the winter holidays most people in Canada are looking to save up for summer vacations, renovations or maintenance on their homes or just saving in general. That's why CanNet has high-speed unlimited internet plans that help you save on your monthly expenses.

Groceries are up for 2020. Insurance rates are up and rent has increased as well. Gas prices are up and there seems to be no end to an everlasting price increase to basic needs in Canada. Sometimes it feels like you are being taken advantage of and now the big telecom companies have announced price increases for their internet plans. Rogers and Bell have increased their monthly internet prices with at least $4 or $5 every month for all of their customers. Soon, Telus and Shaw will probably follow.

Despite price increases in the wholesale rates we have decided not to raise the prices for our current customers. We feel that is not fair to you as a consumer and we value you as our customer. Our mission is still to provide high-speed internet plans at affordable rates.
That is why new customers can subscribe to our high-speed unlimited internet plans starting from  $34.98 per month.
All of our plans come with no contract and you can cancel any time you want. 

All our prices come most of the time with a 2 years price guarantee, in which we will never raise the prices for you.
Most of our internet plans come with free hardware rental, you only have to return the devices when you cancel our internet services.
Don't wait any longer and get this offer now, check out our website for more plans.

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