Monday, 10 October 2016

How the Use of Internet has blown up today with higher consumption?

If you were not reading this blog or probably you must watching TV or reading a newspaper or magazine, in result you are consuming media.

On an average, mostly people spend at least 485 minutes per day on Internet. The young generation of age 16 to 25 almost spend 28 hours a week on the internet. As we know that according to past the people are using the internet more with the use of tablets & Smartphone’s accessing the cable internet plans

The more usage is increased among the young generation, which is almost increased from 10 hours to 27 hours from the period of 2005-2016, which in result is the consumption of internet is increasing day by day.

How much Data is consumed according to the specific categories?

  1. General web browsing and email – The data get consumed is 7 GB per month.
  2. Netflix and other streaming TV services – The get consumed around 3GB per month.
  3. Renting movies & TV shows – The Data for iTunes requires 4GB for a HD file and about 1.5GB for a SD copy. TV shows about 1.5GB for HD and 800MB for SD.
  4. Facebook & social media – The data used is 2MB per minute and everyday face book user use     around 2GB per month.
  5. Online gaming – The data of 50 MB is consumed per hour. Patches and updates can be several GBs each.
  6. Skype and VoIP - A standard voice call on Skype only uses about 360KB per minute. You would need about 48 hours of straight voice calls per month to approach just 1GB.
  7. YouTube – The data consumed is 2.2GB in every hour of 720p video footage

Now to keep the record of your data usage when you download something, the speed of connection has no comportment on how much data you are using. The main thing is the size of the file being downloaded. This is what will affect your cap.

•    As we know that free public Wi-Fi networks have become more general and you don’t require any cellular data to access the Internet on your phone.

•    Instead, the average Smartphone user consumes a huge 11.3GB of Wi-Fi data every month, up from just 5GB a year and a half ago.

Below is the Average Consumption Bar Chart which contains the data till 2015


Recommended data allowance: 10GB/month

By 2017, we will see even more data will be consumed by the users and the global average consumption set to rise to 800+ minutes, according to CanNet.


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