Monday, 27 March 2017

Discounts, Deals on Cable 100M Promotion, Last Date to Order -Extended 29th July'17

CanNet Cable 100M Unlimited internet is our fastest internet which will allow your whole family to enjoy lag free internet and be on all their devices at the same time. It’s for those who want better, faster connections without limits. Plus, get a guaranteed low price for 2 years.

  • Unlimited Internet usage for you to surf and stream with Rogers , featuring download speeds up to 100 Mbps.
  • Watch your favourite TV shows, as well as sports, movies and kids channels with Popular TV, plus one bonus channel.

1. Switch Free from existing Plan.

  • It will applies for customers who are renting our modem. If you purchase a 24 x 8 wired modem at $99, the activation fee will be waived upfront.

2. Switch Free with wired modem free rental for 2 years 

  • If  customers who are currently using an Unlimited FTTN 25M Plan at $34.99/M; FTTN 50M Plan at $39.99; Cable 30M at $34.99 or 100M at 39.99$, Can-Net will offer 100M Unlimited Internet at $39.98 for 2 years with free wired cable modem rental.
  • The $29.95 activation fee will be charged when ordering and will be credited back on your first invoice, which is produced the day of installation.
  • Qualified customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at
  • In order to qualify you must produce an invoice from your current ISP and mail it to with your order number.

Offer for the New Sign Ups:
  • Free switch for anyone who transfers to CanNet: New sign up’s will be charged $29 for activation fee. However, it will be credited back on their initial invoice which is the day of installation.
  • Purchasing the modem: If you choose to purchase the Hitron CDA-3 wired modem for $99, your installation fee will instantly waived.
  • 10 day full money back guarantee: There should be no hesitation to give CanNet a try as we offer a complete money back guarantee if the customer if dissatisfied.
  • All CanNet Packages are completely unlimited, with no caps, restrictions or bandwidth throttling whatsoever.
  • There are absolutely no contractual obligations; if the customer is dissatisfied we have a 10 day full money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment- as long as it is not physically damaged it will be replaced.
  • 24/7 support- we have dedicated technical support and customer service staff who are ready to assist you 365 days of the year. 

 For more information .Call Us at 416-800-2323 or on 24/7  general line 1.800.208.7798

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