Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to Get the Best FTTN Internet Connection in Ontario?

If you’re looking for the selected internet service at the lowest price in Ontario, than CanNet Telecom comes up with  the best solution. We are third party distributor, partner with the largest ISP’s in Canada such as: Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron and Shaw to ensure all our customers are receiving a premium service at a significantly discounted rate.

How Do I Choose Between FTTN & Cable?
  • Cable is a more commonly used technology because it is more easily  available; FTTN is a newest  technology with a growing infrastructure.
  • FTTN is most  commonly used in the populated areas because it makes more practical business sense, where as Cable can generally be accessed in more rural areas.
  • Cable is the predominant technology  for present; where FTTN is considered as the future of the industry. 

What are the Most Popular Plans used in Ontario Nowadays?

  • If you live within Ontario  than  order online cable internet plan  soon, as the promotion for the 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet Plan will be expiring on  April 27, 2017; this is the  last chance to experience the savings. Its is the best time to take an advantage as  you still can!
  • The plan is being promoted at $49.98/month for the first 2 years. 
  • For all other regions of Ontario which are not covered by Rogers, we offer a similar 60M Unlimited High Speed Cable Package at the same value.

  • If you switch from a CanNet’s competitor who currently offers 50M Unlimited FTTN Plan  below $40  than we will offer the FTTN Plan with many features.
  • We will offer you the  same plan at $29.98/month for the first 12 months
  • *to be eligible you must submit a bill from your current ISP.*
  • The deadline for the transfer promotion is March 31st, 2017.
  • For all new 50M Unlimited High Speed FTTN sign ups the cost will be $39.98/month for the first 2 years!

What’s the Difference between DSL/FTTN?
  • DSL/FTTN uses the technology previously harnessed by telephone wiring; whereas Cable uses technology previously harnessed by Cable Television Providers. 
  • Cable speeds run up to 4 times higher than FTTN speeds; however, FTTN does not experience as much congestion during peak hours (5pm-12am).
  • Cable Internet is easier to troubleshoot whereas DSL is considered more dedicated and stable because it does not run on a shared network.

How Do I Check My Availability?

To check your service availability for both cable and FTTN  call a live CanNet agent at: 1.800.208.7798. We have dedicated agents who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and to recommend a plan to best suite your home networking system.

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