Sunday, 9 April 2017

5 Benefits of Opting for a Cable Internet Plan

Cable Internet uses technology previously harnessed by Cable television providers to access network edge connectivity, also known as last mile access, from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the end user. 

CanNet Telecom has been in partnership with all major Canadian ISP’s such as Rogers, Shaw, Videotron and Cogeco since our inception in 2009. We provide internet services country wide, across 6 provinces, to ensure all Canadian households have access to unlimited high speed internet at an affordable rate. 

1.    Availability 

  • Cable Internet technology has been in use for longer than FTTN / Fiber Optics, therefore it is more readily available throughout the country. 
  •  The FTTN network is growing but Cable is still more common, especially in more rural areas.
  •  Other services are more restricted dependent on their vicinity to the mainframe, cable has less restrictions.

2.    Price 

  • Cable is cheaper than FTTN; plain and simple! 
  •  Currently CanNet offers our 100M internet plan at the same cost as our 50M FTTN plan.

3.    Bandwidth/ Speed

Cable speeds generally run up to 4 times faster than FTTN:

  • The fastest Cable speed CanNet offers is 250/10M, where the fasters FTTN speed available is 50/10M. 
  • The coaxial cable previously harnessed by cable television allows for greater bandwidth than through a phone line; greater bandwidth means faster speeds.

4.    Stability / Reliability

  • Consistency: Reliability has long been problem of other forms of broadband due in part to the aging infrastructure and distance issues. 
  •  Since it gives large download limits and high-speed connections, cable broadband has become one of the most reliable and popular ways of accessing the internet in the whole world.

5.    Troubleshooting

  • A cable modem connection is a true always-on Internet connection, as the modem itself is always in communication with the Internet bridge.
  •  Excellent customer service: This is yet another advantage of a CanNet Cable connection; we provide very little down time and excellent customer service to all users; most of which can usually be diagnosed over the phone. 

At CanNet we are confident our product yields the most value, in terms of reliable unlimited internet services. For more information visit our website at:, or call our toll free # 1.800.208.7798!

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