Monday, 15 May 2017

CanNet Offer of Month - 100M Unlimited Cable Internet; Free Switch; $39.98/month!

If you are currently living in any Rogers serviceable region, then CanNet Telecom has a red hot deal for you! We are offering our 100M Unlimited Cable Internet Package at an unbeatable price of $39.98/month + rental fees!

Sign Up Fees?

  • The switch is completely free! All new customers will be charged $29.98 upon sign up; however, that amount will be automatically credited back upon their first invoice. 
Deal is Expiring!

  • This promotion will only be running until July 29th, 2017; so this is your final chance to take advantage of this fleeting bandwidth, while you still have the opportunity! 
  • Rogers has already stopped the solicitation of their 100M bandwidth and replaced it with two new speeds; 75M and 150M, which yield substantially higher market values. 

CanNet’s 100M Unlimited Cable

  • The monthly fee of $39.98 + rental fee is guarantee for the first two years of service
  • There are no contractual obligations or cancellation fees.
  • We offer a 10 day full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our services, which allows our customers the luxury of trying our services risk free.
  • We offer a life time warranty on all our equipment and hardware; as long as it is not physically damaged.
  • The plan is completely unlimited; no bandwidth throttling, caps, restrictions, or any forms of Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP).
  • Free Installation: applies to all new customers; whether you are switching from an FTTN or Cable Internet provider.

Modem Options:

1. Wired Modem: Hitron CDA3-20

  • Rental: $4.98/month
  • Purchase: $99 (which would automatically void installation, shipping and activation fees)

2. Wireless Mode: Cisco DPC 3848

  • Rental: $6.98/month
  • Currently there is no purchasing option for this device

Additional Discount Eligibility 

You can receive CanNet’s 100M Unlimited Cable Plan for $29.98/month, including free modem for the first 2 years of service (wired Hitron CDA3-20); ONLY if you are switching from one of these SINGLE, UNLIMITED competitor plans:

  • Single Unlimited 25M FTTN at $34.99/month
  • Single Unlimited 50M FTTN at $39.99/month
  • Single Unlimited 100M Cable at $49.99/month
You would also have to upload a copy of your invoice from your current ISP proving you are paying one of the stated prices, for verification purposes.
For more information follow the promotional page and follow the steps provided:

Best 100M Unlimited Promotion Available!

  1. Please do not be discouraged if you do not qualify for this very niche additional discount; very few people do.
  2. New sign up’s, or anyone transferring from another provider who are not using one of the listed plans, will still be eligible for 2 years of service at $39.98/month; which is far below market value. 
  3. At CanNet Telecom we remain confident that our product yields the greatest value in terms on quality, unlimited high speed internet service.

For more information visit our website at:, or call our toll free # 1.800.208.7798! We have live customer service, technical support and sales agents ready to assist you 24/7!

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