Wednesday, 20 September 2017

150M Unlimited Cable Internet at an Unbeatable Price!

If you are currently living in a Rogers serviceable region which covers most of The GTA, Ottawa and Waterloo/Kitchener areas; then you should seriously consider switching to Can-Net Telecom’s 150M Unlimited Cable Promotion and pay $49.98/month for completely unlimited internet and a free wired modem rental, which has been guaranteed for the first 2 years of service!

What are the benefits?

  1. Download speed: 150Mbps; Upload speed 15Mbps
  2. Completely unlimited usage; no bandwidth throttling, caps or restrictions
  3. $49.98/month promotional price is guaranteed for the first 2 years of service
  4. There is no contract
  5. Upfront fee of $29.95 for installation will be credited back upon your first invoice.
  6.  Installation can be done 7 days from the day of sign up
  7.  Free wired modem rental!
  8. We currently offering a Wi-Fi modem but costs $9.98/month + $100 deposit; I recommend using your own router if you have one.


Try it Risk Free
We offer a 10 day full money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for whatever reason.

How to Sign Up?

Only for customers living within a Rogers serviceable region; check for your eligibility:
  • Customers must sign up through an authorized agent or online at:
  • Call a live Can-Net representative: +1-(416)-800-2323
  • Call a sponsored Can-Net Agent (Modem Outlet): 1-(800)-880-1234

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