Thursday, 3 May 2018

CanNet Rogers 75M Unlimited Internet Plan at $29.98 for 3 months- Offer Ended

The advancements made in technological infrastructure, availability of low priced heightened competition among  service providers has improved the internet penetration In Canada.

It is important for internet consumers to pick the right cable internet plan based their specific usage pattern and needs, such as surfing speed and other factors like budgetary considerations and location.


1. Download speed up to 75 Mbps; Upload speed up to 10 Mbps

2. Unlimited usage

3. No contract

4. Extended warranty – 30 days full refund

5. Wireless device (CGN3) Rental** :- $0

6. Processing fee includes shipping fee $0 (Original $99.95)***

7. Deposit or Credit Check**


Monthly $29.98 for 3 months, after $34.98 plus taxes

**Wireless modem rental charges $0 ($50 + Taxes hardware deposit if opt for deposit option or required deposit in the case of Bad credit Score).

*** We will be applying $29.98 monthly fee at the time of placing the order if the credit score is Good or above & the same amount will be adjusted with 1st invoice.

All wired and wireless cable modem on rental must be returned with 14 days upon cancellation except CGN3 Wireless modem (No need to return after 2 years from activation)

To decide if can waive security deposit or not, Customer needs to authorize Cannet to conduct credit check when customer is ordering service from Cannet. Based on the credit history, Cannet has sole decision to determine if any security deposit required or not for monthly service and/or hardware.


If existing CanNet customer wants to switch, customer needs to pay $200 deposit (which will be held without interests until cancellation) & No credit check along with the terms of the above plan.

Visit the website to check for the prevailing prices and other details-

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