Monday, 4 June 2018

Order CanNet Unlimited Cable 75M internet ONLY $29.98- Limited Time Left

CanNet Offers Cable internet plans which are usually available as part of a broadband package from most leading providers.Cable Internet provides a wide offering of speeds.

Cable Internet providers deliver good speed and are widely available, just make sure you read your service agreement before signing up so you aren’t blindsided by fees and price hikes.

Now with FREE Wi-Fi Modem Rental, FREE Installation and 30-Day Warranty.

$29.98/month with FREE wireless modem rental for 6 months; for the next 18 months the charge will be $34.98/month; afterwards $39.98/month.

Our 75M unlimited plan comes with the following benefits

•    Download speeds up to 75Mbps
•    Upload speeds up to 10Mbps
•    Unlimited usage
•    No contract
•    30 days extended warranty
•    No upfront fees
•    Free Wi-Fi modem rental(Refurbished CGN3 Modem)

For more information/details or to sign up,

Furthermore, don't forget about our new referral program. For every customer you refer, you receive one month free internet! Above mentioned promotion is valid for a limited time only. To sign-up please call one of our representatives at: +1-416-800-2323 or call our authorized agent Modem Outlet at: +1-800-880-1234. We have more great plans available, please visit our website at:

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