Wednesday, 31 May 2017

CanNet's Best Cable Internet Plan for Streaming & Surfing.

CanNet is the TPIA and delivers the internet speed you need to stream movies, shows, music, and more. CanNet have researched and reviewed on streaming content providers to see what exactly the internet speeds they recommend.

With all that information together with what we educated from our full service reviews, we found as the fastest growing ISPs in Canada.

We just make sure that the cable internet plans availability varies across the country, so it’s best to start your search by seeing what’s actually available to you. Use our ZIP code finder to see all of your internet plans available in your area.

The most demandable internet for streaming nowadays

CanNet Telecom easily provides you the unlimited cable internet for streaming; however, they have limited availability so grab the deal as early in your area. This deal is only available till 29th July’17. The complete details for the plans are mentioned below:

  1. The plan is Cable 100M unlimited plan with the Download speed up to 100Mbps and Upload Speed up to 10Mbps and you can avail this plan at $39.98/m.
  2. This Plan is only applicable for the Rogers Service Area
  3. You have an option for the Free Switch, where in you can switch from your current ISP.
  4. You will get credit back of $29.95 upfront, which automatically void the installation fee.
  5. No Contract, Unlimited Usage and 10 days full money back guarantee.
Cable Internet Plan

In addition you have 2 Modem options , which are :
  1. Wired modem rental (Hitron CDA3-20): $4.98/month. Purchasing price: $99 which would automatically cancelled the installation
  2. Wireless modem rental (Cisco DPC 3848): $6.98/month. Currently there is no purchasing option for this

Signup here and follow the steps to grab the deal. Also you can call us at 416-800-2323 or to our authorized agent modem outlet at 1-800-880-1234 and 1-416-422-2222.

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